Generating electricity from wind-based power has been an evolving trend within the past few years. This is due to our country having a great potential for wind energy. The energy created is cheap as well as environmentally friendly, there is constant development of wind turbine technology and the positive regulations of the electricity market.

TNA, with its business partners, provides all the help and support needed to its customers through a team of experts, starting from the project development and throughout all the stages of wind power plant projects.


  • Wind measurements
  • Lidar measurements
  • The wind farm layout optimisations
  • Energy production calculations - Bankable Reporting
  • CFD analysis
  • Turbine research
  • The wind farm performance and acceptance testing
  • Environmental and sound effects research
  • Application projects
  • Operation and maintenance projects
  • Investment applications
  • System price fixing and financial research
  • Project management
  • Turnkey design and construction of the wind farm