Wind Measurement Masts

The wind measurement masts are practical enough to be set up within 2 days given the proper conditions and is shipped domestically and internationally in accordance with proper shipment packages.


TNA provides services with turn-key including the installation within both in Turkey and Europe with the lattice measurement masts having the length range of 60-100 meters and tubular measurement masts having the length range of 60-80 meters, warranted against any damage that may occur within the limits of service period, designed and produced in accordance with the Euro Code, ASCII standards and MGM measurement notifications

We offer a life-time guarantee of services for the masts providing that the installation and periodic maintenances are done by our expert team. Tubular and lattice type masts are designed completely as modular and they consist of 3-2 m tubular and lattice pieces that are linked together with special connectors. The wind measurement masts are installed by lifting them with a mechanism on a base plate which has a thickness that varies with height or by putting them on top of each other on a concrete foundation and they are kept in balance thanks to the connection cables at being different heights. The masts are prepared to be protective towards corrosion by hot-dip galvanise plating or protective paint on special requests.


We designs lattice type wind measurement mast projects for the energy and telecom sectors in accordance with the Euro Code standards and specifically for the characteristic structure of the site, without cables and on concrete foundations. In addition, TNA realizes designs by using programs that can make finite element analysis in as well as 3D design, structure and soil mechanics programs in the design of steel construction and reinforced concrete buildings, which concern civil engineering.